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  • Vint Cerf

    Vint Cerf : Do not ruin the Internet!

    As never before, the manifest value of the information processing and sharing Internet must be preserved to respond to the global challenges we collectively face.
  • A black axe breaking the chains of a slave: the official logo of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa

    Nigerian Confraternities : The Black Axe

    In the 1970s, nine Nigerian students founded a fraternity to fight racism and oppression. Today, its name is associated with criminal activities all over the world. What happened?
  • Ronald S. Lauder at Auschwitz : The Girl With The Red Coat

    The annihilation of the Jews in Auschwitz was perpetrated by Germans and Austrians. But it also happened because Europe und the United States did not care. What does this mean for the fight against Anti-Semitism today?