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  • Cadet students in Chabarowsk write letters to Russian soldiers fighting in the Ukraine.

    Russian schools : Patriotism as a mandatory subject

    Russia's schoolchildren are to be taught "right thinking" about the war against Ukraine. The unwilling are threatened with a visit from the youth welfare office. But some secondary schools preserve safe spaces for critical thinking.
  • A black axe breaking the chains of a slave: the official logo of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa

    Nigerian Confraternities : The Black Axe

    In the 1970s, nine Nigerian students founded a fraternity to fight racism and oppression. Today, its name is associated with criminal activities all over the world. What happened?
  • Man meets machine

    Computer Science : Giving AI Some Common Sense

    Lurking behind all the excitement about AI, there is a problem. Despite being trained on immense amounts of data and often showing uncanny abilities, current AI systems make bizarre, lamebrained mistakes.