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Susanna Wallin “SOMEONE ELSE”, 2011 Real scenarios and imagined ones are acted out and confused in this capture of adolescent pastime. The empowering and at times disturbing experience of playing yourself and a fictional character and not being sure where they divide or come together, keeps alienating the world and bringing it closer. If here isn’t the place to be, you could always go somewhere different. And if you are not the one to be, someone else could be invented. Bild: Susanna Wallin

Susanna Wallin has long been interested in film’s ability to alter our ways of looking at the world. In her filmmaking she explores and invents some of the building blocks for how our experiences might be constructed.

          Susanna Wallin’s films are shown in the cinema, in galleries and on television throughout the world. Her work often lends from fact and fiction at once, merging real scenarios with invented ones in new impressionistic narratives on screen. Ritual, dream and a distrust in language are some of her recurring themes. She has been the recipient of a number of commissions and awards, including London Artists Film and Video Award 2007, commissions from UK Film Council, Channel 4, Arts Council England, Independent Photography and Arte. She lives and works in London and New York.

          Susanna has long been interested in film’s ability to alter our ways of looking at the world. In her filmmaking she explores and invents some of the building blocks for how our experiences might be constructed. She is interested in how our familiarity with the world must be imagined and re-imagined as well as how the unknown keeps brushing up against our every day. Susanna sees film as a meditation on the subjective experience of time where observation and imagination are at work at once. Her films often start off in actual environments involving people she meets who live and operate there. Through these meetings, Susanna develops new frameworks into which she invites these people back, exploring both the act of seeing and the condition of being seen. Wallin is interested in watching life flow differently, through new fabrics of dislocation, synchronicity and combination. Her projects can take many forms and have included: The staging of wild animals in an attempt to explore and control the workings of memory (Marker 2009), the re-enactment of the preparation for a light show (Electric Light Wonderland 2010) and the blurry edges of performance through teenagers’ rehearsals of being other people (Someone Else 2011). Susanna never makes claims on portraying anything real. All her work is fiction, however, she is excited about all the ways that fiction might help chip away at some kind of ‘truth’.

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          Anita Beckers und Julia Sökeland sind die beiden Initiatorinnen der Videoplattform Die Website versteht sich als eine „lebendige“ Bibliothek für das bewegte Bild. Sie wird dem Medium gerecht, in dem sie über einen temporären Präsentationszeitraum von Ausstellungen oder Screenings hinaus passwortgeschützt künstlerische Arbeiten vollständig zur Sichtung anbietet.
          Keren Cytter „Der Spiegel“, 2007 
<br>Keren Cytter is a storyteller. Her work analyzes the construction of mainstream films, and the narrative devices and editing tricks they include. To this end, Cytter draws on numerous mediums, ranging from film noir to „mocumentaries“ to pure cinéma vérité.

          Geschichtenerzählerin : Die Künstlerin Keren Cytter

          Keren Cytter ist vor allem für ihre experimentellen Videoarbeiten bekannt, die Zwischenmenschliches und Privates beleuchten. Ihre Arbeiten beruhen oft auf Vorlagen von literarischen oder filmischen Klassikern und reflektieren gleichzeitig den Einfluss der Medien.
          Romeo Grünfelder „Desire – the Goldstein reels“,  2006
<br>An old celluloid film is labeled as being from the estate of Jack Goldstein. The unusual S8 footage is nevertheless difficult to interpret. Due to partially missing data, place, time and author cannot be determined and keep the beholder in the dark. The ongoing investigation has not been able to produce a reasonable explanation of the circumstances.

          Portrait : Der Filmemacher und Künstler Romeo Grünfelder

          In dem knapp vier Minuten kurzen Film „Desire – the Goldstein reels“ sieht man Hundsrosen, oder etwas Ähnliches, die an der Abbruchkante einer Steilküste wachsen, im Hintergrund blickt man hinab auf einen steinigen Strand und das Meer und eine nackte Frau, die zügig ins Wasser watet, immer tiefer, bis sie in den Fluten verschwindet. Sie taucht nicht mehr auf. Der Himmel ist bedeckt.