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Veröffentlicht: 06.10.2012, 13:32 Uhr

David Fermers Lyric Lane „Red“ von Taylor Swift

Aktuelle Hits zu verstehen ist oft nicht ganz leicht. Gut, wenn ein Engländer erklärt, worum es dabei eigentlich geht. David Fermer erzählt auf englisch diesmal über „Red“ von Taylor Swift. Fürs Hörverständnis mit Audio.

© dapd, David Fermer Lyric Lane: Taylor Swift „Red“

For many people colours have different meanings . They symbolise emotions or things we know from everyday life. Brown is the earth. It is safe and orderly. Green is nature, life, well-being. Black is darkness, death, evil. White is goodness, purity . And, for most people, red is passion .

The American country singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, has just written a song about colours, in particular the colour red. In her song “Red”, she compares her love to a boy with many different things, including colours. She begins by telling us that “loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street / faster than the wind / passionate as sin , ended so suddenly ”. Unlike most of us, Taylor Swift knows what it’s like to drive the Italian luxury car. Having sold over 22 million albums and 50 million download songs, Taylor Swift can buy as many Maseratis as she wants. But, as we all also know, the one thing money can’t buy is love.

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In “Red”, Taylor’s relationship to the boy she loves is over. “I tell myself: it’s time now, gotta let go,” she says, “but moving on from him is impossible / when I still see it all in my head / burning red!” Those colours! Those memories ! “Loving him is like the colours in autumn / so bright just before they lose it all”. Then, after the separation , comes another colour, one that gave its name to an entire music form known as the blues: “Losing him was blue like I’d never known”. And after the sadness of blue comes the worst feeling of all - and the ugliest colour: “Missing him was dark grey, all alone”.

For the real Taylor Swift, life is anything but grey. It’s as colourful as a rainbow. The 22-year-old is still very young and has already written four albums. She has seen the world, met many important and famous people, and is rich. Hopefully Taylor Swift also knows the colour of happiness.


meaning = Bedeutung
purity = Unschuld
passion = Leidenschaft
to compare = vergleichen
dead end street = Sackgasse
sin = Sünde
suddenly = plötzlich
impossible = unmöglich
to burn = brennen
memory = Erinnerung
bright = hell
separation = Trennung
to lose = verlieren
to miss somebody = jemanden vermissen

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