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David Fermers Lyric Lane „Is Your Love Big Enough?“ by Lianne la Havas

Aktuelle Hits zu verstehen ist oft nicht ganz leicht. Gut, wenn ein Engländer erklärt, worum es dabei eigentlich geht. David Fermer erzählt auf englisch diesmal über „Is Your Love Big Enough“ von Lianne la Havas. Fürs Hörverständnis mit Audio.

© dpa, David Fermer David Fermers Lyric Lane: „Is Your Love Big Enough“ by Lianne La Havas

“Is your love big enough ?“ is the big question at the centre of Lianne La Havas new song. The young folk & soul singer from England is one of the most exciting new talents on the music scene.

Lianne was born in London, but her father comes from Greece and her mother from Jamaica. A mix of cultures, a mix of music. When she first began singing at the age of seven, she was very shy. „I was sort of singing in secret“, she says, „because I was shy about it. I felt like I was exposing myself in a weird way. I’d hear my parents coming upstairs and I’d feel like I’d done something bad.“

But her parents separated when she was a girl and Lianne was brought up by her grandparents, living with them and her great-grandmother in south London until she was 17. Unlike many of today’s other new stars, Lianne didn’t win a TV music competition or go to the famous BRIT School in London like Adele and Jessie J. She learned the guitar and piano with her father, starting to play the keyboard when she was 7. Later, at the age of 18, she told her father she wanted to learn the guitar, so he bought her one on eBay and taught her the basics. Four years later, after writing a lot of her own songs and going on tour as a backing singer for Paloma Faith, Lianne is making her name for herself as a singer-songwriter. Maybe this is why the first line of her new song is: „I found myself in a second-hand guitar.“

But it’s an impossible question Lianne is asking in her song. „Is your love big enough for what’s to come?“ How can anyone know? Do we ever know how big our love is until it is tested? Until we find ourselves in the middle of a crisis, a difficult situation? Only then can we find out how strong our love is. But Lianne still wants an answer : „I’ve just got to know / I truly have to know / you’ve got to let me know.“ But she doesn’t get an answer. Only time will tell.


enough = genug
shy = schüchtern
in secret = insgeheim
to expose oneself = sich entblößen
to separate = sich trennen
to bring up = jemanden großziehen
unlike = im Gegensatz zu
to teach = beibringen
second-hand = gebraucht
impossible = unmöglich
to test = prüfen
crisis = Krise
difficult = schwierig
answer = Antwort

Quelle: F.A.Z.


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