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Aktuelle Hits verstehen „Run“ von Leona Lewis

Aktuelle Hits zu verstehen ist oft nicht ganz leicht. Gut, wenn ein Engländer erklärt, worum es dabei eigentlich geht. David Fermer erzählt diesmal - auf englisch - von „Run“ von Leona Lewis. Fürs Hörverständnis mit Audio.

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Muttersprachler David Fermer erklärt, worum es in „Run“ geht. Wer auf das Bild links klickt, bekommt den Text auch von ihm vorgelesen:

It's the perfect fairy tale story: the shy young girl who works at the local Pizza Hut and who sings as a hobby; her long-time boyfriend who persuades her to take part in The X-Factor, the British version of Deutschland sucht den Superstar; and the shy young girl from London wins! From one day to the next she's an international star and has a million dollar record contract . This is the story of 23-year-old Leona Lewis.

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But Leona's meteoric rise to fame wasn't just pure luck. Leona spent years and years working very hard at her singing before becoming famous. Already at the age of five, Leona went to a theatre school. Later she went to the same performing arts school as Amy Winehouse and Katie Melua. There Leona learned to play the guitar and piano and started composing her own songs. At the age of fifteen she recorded her first demo album. Only later did Leona audition for The X-Factor. That was when she got her lucky break .

Leona's new song, “Run“, is a cover version of a song by the British band, Snow Patrol. “Run“ is a passionate love song to the person who is “the only thing that's right in all I've done“. Maybe that person is Leona's boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, the electrician who she has known since the age of eleven. In the chorus, Leona sings “light up, light up / As if you have a choice / Even if you cannot hear my voice / I'll be right beside you, dear“. These words could almost be the words of Leona's boyfriend. “Louder, louder / And we'll run for our lives“.

Leona's very normal relationship with someone who is not a star has made just as many headlines as her songs. Hopefully their love is as strong as the love she describes in “Run“. “I know we can make it anywhere“, sings Leona. Her fans around the world hope so, too. After all, Leona Lewis is quite simply a very nice girl. And that's the way she should stay.


fairy tale = Märchen
to persuade = überreden
to take part = teilnehmen
record contract = Plattenvertrag
meteoric rise to fame = kometenhafter Aufstieg zu Ruhm
to audition = vorsingen
to get a lucky break = eine große Chance bekommen
passionate = leidenschaftlich
electrician = Elektriker
headline = Schlagzeile
quite simply = ganz einfach

Aktuelle Hits zu verstehen ist oft nicht ganz leicht. David Fermer ist Engländer und lebt in Deutschland. Er schreibt zweisprachige Bücher wie „Nonstop Chatten“ und erklärt in der Rhein-Main-Zeitung einmal im Monat den Hintergrund zu einem Liedtext. Seine Kolumne „Lyric Lane“ erscheint mittwochs auf „Unsere Seite“.

Quelle: F.A.Z.


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