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David Fermers Lyric Lane „Don't tell me that it's over“ von Amy Macdonald

Aktuelle Hits zu verstehen ist oft nicht ganz leicht. Gut, wenn ein Engländer erklärt, worum es dabei eigentlich geht. David Fermer erzählt auf englisch diesmal - über „Don't tell me that it's over“ von Amy Macdonald. Fürs Hörverständnis mit Audio.

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© ddp Aktuelle Hits verstehen: „Don't tell me that it's over“ von Amy Macdonald

Muttersprachler David Fermer erklärt, worum es in „Don't tell me that it's over“ geht. Wer auf das Bild links klickt, bekommt den Text auch von ihm vorgelesen:

The title of Amy Macdonald's new single, “Don't tell me that it's over “, is a phrase that immediately makes you think of a couple splitting up . You can already see the woman with tears in her eyes. “I'm on my knees, I'm begging you to stop“ as Amy Macdonald sings at the end of the song. And you can see the man in front of her, shaking his head and saying that he's sorry, but it's over. “I dream of a day when it's all gone away and the sun is shining bright.“

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But actually the song isn't about a couple splitting up at all. What the song is really about comes at the end of the second verse: “Won't you stop preaching at me,“ sings the 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Scotland. On her website, Amy explains that the idea for the song came to her during an awards ceremony in Europe: “There was a famous musician there who had just won an award and was basically preaching to the crowd. And it was embarrassing! You might have just won an award for your music, but the crowd are not interested in your personal beliefs!“

Seen from this point of view, the song has a completely new meaning. “Tell me why this world is a mess,“ Amy sings at the very beginning. “I thought you always tried your best. Tell me what I ought to do / maybe you should do it too. Tell me why they're sleeping alone / no house, nowhere to call a home.“ Now the song really does make sense!

So who is this “famous musician“ who “preached to the crowd“ at the awards ceremony Amy talks about on her website? Although she does say that it wasn't Bono or Kanye West (two musicians who are not just famous for their music but also for their political opinions), the real identity of the person who inspired Amy Macdonald to write this song remains a secret.

And I'm sure that's the way Amy wants it to stay. “Don't tell me that this song is sung,“ sings Amy. And she will continue singing her songs because - as she says herself - “I wanna (want to) live, wanna give something back“. For Amy Macdonald, it has only just begun.


over = vorbei
to split up = sich trennen
to beg = anflehen
to preach = predigen
awards ceremony = Preisverleihung
crowd = Publikum
embarrassing = peinlich
belief = Glaube
mess = Durcheinander
opinion = Meinung

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